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Carrot Saves Easter Book Bundle

Carrot Saves Easter Book Bundle comes with 1 Bunny Helper that your child can name, and a gorgeous hard cover copy of the book, Carrot Saves Easter!. This book is an oversized custom illustrated book that will bring joy and tradition to your Easter holiday for years to come! 

Carrot Saves Easter Book Bundle

SKU: 0615969127
$35.00 Regular Price
$29.99Sale Price
  • Carrot’s adventures

    “Carrot Saves Easter!” revolves around a bunny named Carrot and his journey to help the Easter Bunny restore magic to the candy factory that produces the sweets delivered to children on Easter Sunday. The factory’s production has dropped in this particular year because of its Good Deed Meter running low, so Carrot sets out on an adventure to spread good deeds and save the holiday.

    The book contains an interactive component as well. Each copy comes with a bunny helper doll Mrs. Macielinski designed that kids can name (her son Alex named the book’s character, Carrot). Kids also can record their own good deeds in a space in the back of the book.

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